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Apps for Memory Support

Phone and Ipad showing apps

Apps are being developed all the time, for use on your phone or tablet, to make everyday life easier to manage and promote independence and safety at home and when out and about. The ILC Occupational Therapists have undertaken their own internal assessments of the apps before adding them to the website. These Apps are produced and maintained by third parties and any access and use of this app constitutes acceptance by you of the Terms and Conditions. See our Apps disclaimer.


View our apps suggestions for memory support below:

Q card app

QCard: Reminders for everyday activities by Qcard allows step by step guided tasks to be programmed into the app to help individuals to manage simple everyday tasks that are difficult due to cognition or anxiety. Reminders and appointments can be set by family members or carers remotely with an audible alarm to alert the user. Advantages: Lifetime membership from one off payment. Allows professionals/family to help set up. Disadvantages: Quite busy screen initially, can take a while to familiarise yourself with app use.   Android or Apple. Version: 1.5.5   Memory Space required: 9.2MB Cost: 14 day free trial then one off $4.99 for lifetime purchase. In App purchases optional. Last reviewed: June 2019   Pros: Unlimited storage for reminders. Cons: Apple only.

app logoReminder with Voice By Sergio Licea: Voice reminder calendar. Simple to use diary with typed or voice inputted reminders for both one off and repeat reminders with an option to pre-set an alarm i.e. 30 minutes before task. 90 inbuilt images and 30 built in alarm sounds already within the app. App does not need to be open to alarm with accessible ‘snooze’ or ‘done’ button to action the alarm on the front screen without opening the device. Apple Only. Version: 3.4 Memory Space: 17.9MB Cost: Free initial download. £1.99 for full version with unlimited reminders.  Last reviewed: March 2019 .Advantages: One off subscription payment, easy to use.