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Equipment advice


On this page our Occupational Therapists give advice about equipment for safety and comfort in bed and equipment that may help you to get in and out of bed independently. Including equipment that we have at our demonstration centre that you can come and try.

Bedroom equipment advice

Taking Care in Bed: for skin health and movement

When caring for someone in bed it is important to keep them comfortable and to maintain skin health, good posture, movement, eating, drinking...

Staying comfortable in bed advice

We all have our own preferences for bed comfort. If you are spending a lot of time in bed due to an illness...

Getting in and out and moving in bed advice

Bed grab handles are a simple and neat solution to help you move in bed and get in and out of bed. Some...

Staying safe in the bedroom advice

If you are concerned about moving around safely in your bedroom you can visit us or talk to our Occupational Therapists about layout...

Technology for the bedroom

We all function better when we have had a good nights sleep. Our bedrooms are important places where we should feel comfortable and...

We hold lists for specialist mobility shops, adaptation suppliers, care alarm providers and rail and ramp suppliers and installers.

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