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Equipment advice


On this page our Occupational Therapists give advice about keeping mobile and about the equipment that you can try at our demonstration centre to support and maintain your mobility.

Mobility equipment advice

Walking equipment advice

A walking stick may help you to stay active, but it’s best to try before you buy. We can measure you for a...

Wheelchair and scooter advice

It is important to get the right mobility equipment for you. Wheelchairs and scooters may be the solution to help you stay mobile...

Technology for getting out and about

A Tracker might be the solution when someone you care for likes to go out and about in the local community but may...

Outdoor hobbies advice

Tools for the garden can be made easier to use with special grips or additional handles and we have some here that you...

Car transfer advice

Getting in and out of a car can be difficult. We have a selection of gadgets to help you depending on the type...

We hold lists for specialist mobility shops, adaptation suppliers, care alarm providers and rail and ramp suppliers and installers.

View our supplier lists for: East Devon, Exeter, Mid and North Devon, Plymouth and West Devon, and Teign and Torbay, Care alarm providers in Devon

View our lists rail suppliers and installers in: Exeter and East, Mid and North Devon, South Devon, and Ramps: supply and installation

View our list of adaptation suppliers in Devon:
Stair lift and lift suppliers,
Specialist fitters for kitchen and bathroom adaptations,
Wheelchair accessible vehicles and car adaptations